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Sweet Orange Balancing Toner rapidly improves skin radiance and tone for the superior hydrated skin.

Also, infused with flavonoid and saponin-rich botanicals humectants.  Furthermore, anti-oxidants and deep thermal algae.

Even more, it protects cutaneous cells from damage induced by polluted environments.  Above all, your skin experiences a surge in benefits to skin vitality and nourishment. Alcohol-Free.

Featured Ingredients:

Jasmine Oil fragrant oil that provides anti-fungal benefits.

Organic Cucumber Extract is excellent for treating skin irritated by the sun or other harmful effects. Also,  it acts as a cooling agent for the skin.

Organic Calendula Extract emollient oil that has a soothing effect on the skin.

Direction on how to use:

First of all,  cleansing using (Citrus Cleansing crème). Second, apply Sweet Orange Balancing Toner with a cotton pad to remove residue from cleanser makeup or hard water. Also,  allow 2-3 minutes for a residual toner to absorb.  Finally, follow with your appropriate serum and moisturizer to keep skin hydrated.

Sweet Orange Balancing Toner

Zensama Multivitamin Potent Serum

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